Managing Public Sector Records in Sierra Leone: A Sample Academic Research Proposal

Sierra Leone rests on the West coastline of Africa with a range of 28,000 settle miles in size and bordered on the West by Guinea and Liberia with a populace of 7 million and ninety-two thousand one hundred and thirteen(7,092,113). It has a fantastic variety in the
location of all-natural elements that make up differed topography, weather problem in addition to greenery patterns.

Sierra Leone has a Gross Residential Item (GDP) of much less compared to 7.5 %, with a reduced per head earnings of residents. The rationale for this appalling number of GDP can be partially credited to the mismanagement of resources( human and products) which are not accounted for through sustaining documents for the general advancement of the nation. Therefore the absence of openness and responsibility with documents has frequently been the persistent documents administration issues which impact every Ministries, Divisions and Company (MDAs).

The persistent documents administration issues have been the adding elements for the experiencing of a large bulk of Sierra Leoneans which actors the criticize directly on poor administration. This circumstance was materialized in the political dispensation of the previous and provide federal governments over the manage of sources (human and products) for the general advancement of the nation. Get Latest articles about Story originals

As great administration problems ended up being tremendously essential, documents maintaining ought to be attentively paid to. This is confirmed in the legal civil liberties and obligations of individuals as documents have limitless main worth. On this keep in mind, maybe understood that any type of contemporary economic climate which can’t extremely respect document maintaining barely establish without the presence of great info.

This is since info is thought about a product necessary to preparing for nationwide advancement in such an economic climate. In this capillary the scientist suggest to examine regarding the documents administration circumstance at Ministry of Financing and Financial Advancement (MOFED) in improving responsibility and transparency(sustainable advancement) in Sierra Leone.