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How to choose a trusted real estate consultancy?

The purchase of a home either as a residence or home demands to have the five senses it, so it is good that those who will help us with search and all the paperwork is a total level of confidence.

Only those consultants with proven experience in the real estate world and knowledge of the local market can be the guarantee that provides the necessary peace of mind and security.

For the search and capture of the house of our dreams, all help is little, and since it is not a habitual activity for those who do not dedicate themselves to brick, it is advisable not to take unnecessary risks.

To go to the real estate market, there is nothing better than going hand in hand with an experienced consultant you can trust. What criteria should be used when placing trust in a real estate agency?

Experts in the local market

The importance of having someone who knows the local market is critical when searching for a home. The best real estate agents are professionals who are passionate about their work and the area in which they operate.

Only in this way will they know and be able to transmit the illusion and characteristics of a street, a neighbourhood or an entire city.

Someone who is in daily contact with the local market, will know before anyone else the trends in the area, the average price per square meter for sale or rent, the average time to close a sale, the best stores or opportunities to invest …

When choosing a trustworthy real estate consultancy, the experience in the municipality and the level of implementation of the real estate agents are very important. Go to a consultancy or agency with guarantees and that has a physical office to be able to direct you in case there is a problem.

State of the art

The transformation of the real estate sector in recent years has been impressive hand in hand with the latest advances in technology and home automation.

The advances derived from Proptech, which is how the set of technologies associated with real estate is called, have meant the consolidation of the online market as a reference in the real estate world.

This centralization of the offer and of the information allows the search for properties and clients to be filtered and selected more efficiently. Saving money, time and facilitating the interaction between the agents that intervene in the market.

The negative pole of all this maelstrom of advances translates into risks of information theft, property fraud or the appearance of intermediaries without experience or guarantee in the real estate world, which have generated distrust and force us to walk with lead feet and search the best travel companion when looking for a home or when selling a property.

Since its inception has wanted to make the most of technological advances, trusting in progress and betting on strategic alliances, which consolidate its image as the real estate consultancy of the future.

Only with this commitment to technology can complete experience be offered when buying, selling or renting a property.

Experience is a guarantee in the luxury housing market

Marbella and Cádiz together with the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands centralize the luxury real estate market.

The volume of operations of these exclusive homes, single-family chalets and farms with gardens and pools is one of the most stable in our country and is not affected by the economic situation. What has contributed to position to strengthen the benchmark firms in the luxury housing market.

Tajarat properties also has a presence in such attractive areas to invest in luxury homes such as the Costa del Sol (Malaga, Marbella), Cádiz, Seville or the Canary Islands.

10 points to take into account when buying your first home

Buying your first home should be a source of hope for a new project. It will be the first large outlay that one faces so it is important to know all the implications, paperwork and expenses that this operation has.

Far from being a brake, the following list of points to take into account, are intended to serve as a checklist so that the decision can be made with as much information as possible.

Changing homes involves new situations, where it is essential to know how to manage time and organize the move, so that everything is resolved in the quickest and least noisy way.

It is highly recommended that on the way you have the help of expert professionals, who can review your steps and analyze the documentation so that nothing is missing. This with more than three decades in the real estate sector are the guarantee partner to achieve the goal.

Decision-making is constant in the process of buying a home. To choose the correct alternative, it is best to have all the information. Here are a series of recommendations or points to take into account when buying your first home:

1.- New home or second-hand home?

The advantages of a new home is that when buying off-plan, the price is often somewhat lower than that used in the second-hand market. On the other hand, the costs derived from taxes are also different.

When buying a new home, you must pay VAT at 10% (IGIC in the Canary Islands, at 6.5%), while if the property is second-hand, the Property Transfer Tax (ITP) must be settled . The general rate of the ITP varies between 4% in the Basque Country and the 10% that exists in Catalonia, Cantabria, C. Valenciana and Galicia.

When buying a new home directly from the builder, it is normal that all the finishes are in optimal condition , you will also have the quality memory and it is easier to pursue the seller if any anomalies or failures in the networks and supplies are detected.

The bad thing about new construction promotions is the usual delay in handing over the keys and the slowness of some processes such as the registration of services or the constitution of the community.

2.- What price range am I looking for?

In the event that no external financing is required, the limit will be set by savings and personal capacity. The most common is that you have to resort to a mortgage loan to complete the home purchase.

Currently, banks offer as a mortgage up to 80% of the value of the home. Some banks can give 90%, but they are exceptional cases.

Will it be enough then to have 20% saved from the price of the house?

Unfortunately, not. When you buy a house, you have to estimate at least an additional 12% of the purchase value in taxes, derivative expenses and unforeseen events . This amount is higher if it is a second-hand house and we want to make some reform in the house.

Experts have always agreed that the maximum percentage of income that is used to pay a mortgage should be less than 35-40%. Based on our income, if we want to opt for a more expensive home, we must either set a longer term for the repayment of the loan or provide more initial disbursement.

3.- The veracity of the information

To avoid fraud and legal problems derived from the purchase, it is advisable to request a simple note from the Property Registry where the property is located to ensure that the owner of the property is who he claims to be, or that the builder of the housing development actually has everything the right to perform such works.

The notary will also request this information for the signature, but it is good if we do it beforehand.

4.- The state of things

The simple note provided by the Property Registry will also help us to make sure that no burden falls on the house in question, nor does it have a registered mortgage , which could complicate the enjoyment of it.

It is very important to visit the home that we are going to buy accompanied by a real estate expert to evaluate the state of the plumbing and electricity connections. And we do not have to carry out a reform shortly after entering to live.

5.- Other expenses derived from the purchase of a first home

If the management of the paperwork has been commissioned, the appointment with the banks and with the notary to an agency we must calculate the minute that they will pass us. In some real estate agencies this service can be managed directly with them.

The notary fees and registration must also add them. Together with the corresponding tax assessment that we have already seen, it varies depending on the type of home and the community where the home is located.

6.- Live in a community or single-family chalet

Living in a community allows you to enjoy a series of common services, but it requires you to observe rules of behavior and to meet monthly fees that will be defined in your statutes.

7.- New trends in demand

The rise of teleworking and confinement situations have led to an increasing search for bright, ground- floor homes with gardens … increasing the value of penthouses with views and apartments with large terraces.

8.- Obligations for the buyer after handing over the keys

The main obligation we have when buying a new home is to pay the corresponding taxes. Also to give publicity and legal certainty we will have to put the house in our name in the Property Registry.

Finally, the payment of the supplies that have been placed in the name of the new owner must be domiciled.

And if the house belongs to a community of neighbors, the payment of the instalments will have to be paid.

9.- Permission for moving and change of address

Among the benefits that are obtained by the change of habitual residence is the possibility of requesting the company the right to a paid day off due to moving (article 37 of the Workers’ Statute).

Lahore smart city housing project offers at this point more than 35 years of experience in the luxury housing market where it has almost 40 offices.

In addition, we will be exempt from paying fees when renewing the valid DNI if that change of address is proven.

10.- Smile, a new house is a new illusion

Few things generate as much illusion as a new house . When you have a new home, thousands of opportunities open up before us.

The possibility of getting to know the new neighbourhood , the pleasure of being able to decorate and personalize the new home and the new stage that is beginning are more than enough reasons to make us smile. A new home is a nod to a new life. Enjoy it !